Custom Dodge Durango Audiophile Sound System


Detailing Dynamics outfitted this Dodge Durango with a top of the line, unparalleled audiophile grade sound system. We started by sound proofing using the Stinger Roadkill Sound Proofing. This helps to kill panel resonance, along with any squeaks or rattles.


The front doors were equipped with JL Audio’s C7-650cw woofers and C7100ct tweeters. The C7-650cw component woofer is capable of operating in a 3-way system, with a midrange and tweeter, or with only a tweeter in a 2-way configuration. Engineered from the ground up, it has exceptional linear excursion capability and outstanding linearity, resulting in solid mid-bass and pure, precise, mid-range performance. The C7-100ct component tweeter is designed to deliver unparalleled high-frequency performance. Utilizing a corundum ceramic-coated aluminum alloy diaphragm suspended via a treated silk, s-roll surround, it provides spectacularly detailed reproduction of treble frequencies with outstanding off-axis response.


In the rear doors, we installed JL Audio’s C5-650x tweeters, allowing for a smooth and balanced sound throughout the vehicle. The Focal Utopia Be 3W2Be midrange was installed in the center of the dashboard providing unrivalled sound quality.


We installed the JL Audio FiX 86, a state-of-the-art digital signal processor engineered to deliver outstanding sound from factory source units, while retaining OEM fader control. Unlike typical OEM interface products, the FiX 86 automatically corrects time-delayed factory outputs prior to signal summing and EQ correction.

The JL Audio VX800/8i and VX600/1i amplifiers were both used, delivering rock-solid bass performance and fidelity, with outstanding efficiency. Deep, powerful, and accurate bass was made possible by installing the JL Audio 13TW5v2-2 subwoofer in a completely custom housing.