Paintwork Shampoo

This DyNa Paintwork Shampoo is a special breed of car wash that exhibits exceptional lubricity and will even help prevent water spots while washing in direct sunlight. While safely removing dirt and rinsing off clean, it allows your car’s smooth wax coating to stay in place. 

Before using the Paintwork Shampoo, rinse the surface thoroughly to remove as much dirt from the paint as possible. This step will dramatically decrease the amount of spider webbing your paint could develop from washing as time goes on. Always work from top to bottom. A little of this shampoo goes a long way, so be cautious of using too much and risking the possibility of leaving residue if not rinsed off completely. When washing panels, load the sponge with shampoo and squeeze it out over the panel. Then gently wash with no downward pressure in straight lines. Remember never to press or try to scrub something out when washing your car. When the paint is wet you can't see if you're scratching the paint, just let the chemical do its job! Use at least two sponges/mitts while washing- one for the top and another for the bottom. Contrary to popular belief, rinsing each portion of the car after shampooing isn't the best way to go because if it happens to be a warm day, the water will begin to dry and you run the chance of creating water spots. If the Paintwork Shampoo is on the paint, its water softening agents will prevent that!