Scrape Armor

Scrape Armor

We are proud to announce that we are now a preferred dealer and installation center for Scrape Armor under bumper scrape protection!


Scrape armor was born after years of working to install aftermarket parts on exotic cars, helping people personalize them inside and out. Putting cars on the lift, they saw scrapes, gouges, mangled hardware and costly damage that went undetected and untreated. The reason is simple: The sexy, low-to-the-ground front end look invites trouble. Speed bumps, parking blocks, curbs and driveways slowly scrape and chip away at the car you love so much.

Why do you need Scrape Armor?

Do these above images look all too familiar to you?


Scrape Armor is unlike any other vehicle protection product on the market. All Scrape Armor protection panel kits are digitally designed, and precision manufactured, ensuring that Scrape Armor will fit your car's make and model perfectly.

Each piece of Scrape Armor is made from Teklite™ low-friction coefficient polymer. Lightweight and sleek yet amazingly strong, it is engineered to expand and contract at the same rate as your bumper in any weather which helps minimize separation.

Scrape Armor features patented Glidetek™ Rail design, giving it a groove pattern that reduces the contact surface area by more than 50% yet still provides the protection needed. Less surface = less friction = maximum protection.

Scrape Armor's Eliptek™ Edge Profile ensures each piece is perfectly contoured on the front and back edges so your car won't get hung up on a parking curb or other obstacle.