A body shop is like a lawyer; hopefully you won't ever need one; but when you do, you want someone that is top notch. After fifteen years of working on cars with improper/sub-standard paintwork and collision repairs, we've finally learned what constitutes a great body shop through the school of hard knocks. It’s much more than just shiny paint; it’s repairing the car to meet OEM structural integrity standards, prepping the surfaces perfectly before painting, disassembling the parts like they were painted at the factory instead of just taping them, etc. The definition of proper bodywork/paintwork is very simple – when it is completed, no one can visually tell it’s not from the factory. In other words, if someone complements you on how well your fender has been painted, it’s not that good.

It seems like now-a-days every single body shop is giving you a "lifetime guarantee"; but a guarantee is only as good as the people behind it. We honestly never understood what that guarantee means. Just think, if the initial quality of the work is mediocre, all that guarantee does is guarantee that the quality will remain mediocre for the lifetime of the car.

In case of an accident, another important aspect is dealing with the insurance companies. That means being knowledgeable in the NY state law, and specifically your rights as the insured. We consult with our clients not just on how to properly repair their vehicle, but how to be fairly reimbursed from the insurance company for a proper repair. We realize how frustrating an experience being in an accident can be and try to make it as smooth and painless as possible.

With this line of service at Detailing Dynamics, we are standing behind our reputation. Our guarantee is our word, and our commitment is to develop a relationship with you based on quality and trust.