1. Always wash and dry the towel before it's first and subsequent use!

2. The synthetic microfiber towels will trap dirt, wax and other particles from your automobile's surfaces so keeping them clean with proper care will help them last a very long time.

3. How do you know when it's time to wash them, when they start to streak.

4. To clean the towel simply wash it in your washing machine using warm or hot water. If you use hot water the temperature should not exceed 150°F.

5. Always wash your towels separately from other fabrics (cotton towels and natural microfibers). They have a tendency to pick up lint and other particles from other fabrics and the next time you use your towels this lint will transfer to the surface being cleaned, only making your job harder.

6. ONLY USE LIQUID DETERGENTS, never use dry detergents as many times the granules do not fully dissolve and become trapped in the towel. This can cause scratching of the surface you are cleaning.

7. NEVER USE BLEACH OR FABRIC SOFTENERS! You simply don't need them. Bleach will damage any fine fabric and fabric softeners deposit a chemical coating on the fabric that you really don't want to transfer to your car's finish or windows.

8. Either air dry the towel on a clean line or in your clothes dryer using low heat. AVOID HIGH HEAT! High dryer temperatures won’t damage the towel but can reduce the towel's life span. Also, don't use those toss in fabric softener towels, all they do is deposit chemicals on the fabric that will transfer off to whatever you are cleaning or polishing with the towel.

9. If you wash your towels on a regular basis and don't let them get too dirty they will last much longer. As with any fine fabric dirt particles, grease, and other contaminants can cause the fibers to break down so regular cleaning will go a long way in preserving your towels. We suggest washing them after every use.