The detailing services available can range from the very basic hand wash to a very extensive restoration. All of our services are custom tailored to your specific needs that will give results beyond your imagination. You may have been impressed by good detailing jobs in the past, but until you experience greatness, your expectations and results may never be what Detailing Dynamics can give you.

We've raised the bar and continue to strive for perfection beyond today's definition of perfection. We create an experience with our services and products that will "WOW" you and stimulate your imagination and senses to just how good your car can make you feel. We provide that new car experience. It's visually stunning, beyond when the car was new off the showroom floor. "It looks better than when it was new"

We specialize in exotic and luxury car detailing, to show car detailing; from Lamborghini, Ferrari, and Porsche, to Mercedes and BMW, to Chevy and Dodge. You can feel confident that your car is in great hands.  Come experience the best car detailing in the New York area!   

Engine detailing can range from a simple cleaning of an oil leak to a show quality reconditioning of the engine as well as the engine compartment. In the latter case, components are removed as well as refinished. Your engine is never sprayed with a can of Gunk™, blasted with steam, or doused with Armor All™. This is a great way to end up with a clean engine that doesn’t start. Rather, each crevice is cleaned with soft brushes and gentle cleaners which are appropriate for the materials in your engine. The result; your engine will look like the day it was built. We also offer custom carbon fiber pieces that are specially built for any car make and model.