AL Priority ALP Radar/GPS Module V3 for Net Radar Antennas


This is the new RG V3 Radar & GPS Module, which will allow connection to Multiple ALP Net Radar Antennas.  There are 3 Radar Ports, one of which can be used for a front radar antenna, a rear radar antenna and a future MRCD antenna.

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Additional Info

AL Priority has been at the forefront of leading edge radar/ laser and parking detection systems since it's inception back in 1998.

AL PRIORITY is, as its predecessors were, a completely functional parking assist device operating on the 905 nm light frequency. It constantly emits laser signals and recognizes them when reflected from an obstacle, consequently warning the user. Parking detection range can be custom set to your preferred level within 8 available PDC options. Getting closer to an obstacle will speed up the parking alert tone. Thanks to the advanced program code the system will discriminate between laser signals coming from other laser sources. If normal operation gets interfered with by another laser source on the same light frequency, the ALP will try to maintain its perfect functioning. Should it recognize itself as a potential source of interference to another system, to official speed measuring devices for example, the ALP system is programmed to reset within seconds.