DyNA Concours Tire Treatment

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Concours Tire Dressing.jpg
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DyNA Concours Tire Treatment

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A unique tire treatment which gives the look sought after at concours shows. Goes on clear with no milky residue, penetrates into the rubber and dries. Does not make the tires look like a “glazed doughnut” or sling-off onto paintwork. A perfect product to use on rubber hoses, wheel wells and rubber/plastic/vinyl trim. Is environmentally friendly, non-flammable and solvent-free. 



  • Thoroughly clean tires. On brand new tires, the mold release agent should be removed.
  • Spray onto a DyNA Dual Thickness Dressing Applicator™  and wipe onto the tire sidewall.
  • Do not let treatment get onto the tire tread.
  • Let treatment absorb (the longer the better) and wipe any residue off the wheel. For additional gloss, apply a second coat and let dry.
  • For cars to be judged in shows, buff off treatment after it has fully absorbed with a clean towel. 
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