DyNA Ultimate Cleaner

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DyNA Ultimate Cleaner

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The DyNA Ultimate Cleaner™ truly is the ultimate versatile product that will clean and polish. Use to refine spider webbing and swirl marks as well as bring out the luster on paintwork. Great for autocross and track events when you need to remove tire marks, bugs, and cone marks from your car instantly and still have your car's paint protected by a coat of wax. Safely cleans and removes residue that washing will not such as road tar, bugs, and road film. Safe for all painted and non-porous surfaces such as plastic, glass, fiberglass, metal, and chrome. Can be used by hand or machine.



  • Shake well before using. Use on a clean surface only. Do not apply onto a hot surface.
  • Apply enough to a DyNA White Foam Hand Pad™ or a Cyclo orbital polisher with green polishing pads to do 2 sq. ft area. 
  • By hand use straight back-and-forth motion. For additional cleaning action, press down when polishing. 
  • Let dry to a haze and wipe off with a DyNA Concours MicroTerry™
  • Apply DyNA Brilliance™ high gloss paint sealant to protect the polished finish.
  • Do not let product freeze.


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