The DyNA Paint Reconditioning System

Attention to Detail: The DyNA Paint Reconditioning System

The DyNA Paint Reconditioning System was developed in our Research & Development location in Mineola, New York (a.k.a. our shop) on some of the most exotic and rare automobiles in the world. Matt Zakarian started the testing process back in 1994 when he started the company as a mobile detailer servicing clients from Long Island, New York's gold coast. He has researched and tested virtually (no-one can honestly say they've tried everything) every car wax, paint sealant, polish, compound and detailing product on the consumer and professional market; due to his dissatisfaction with the results, he began developing the DyNA Paint Reconditioning System; a step by step lineup with the goals of being the easiest to use by hand or by orbital machine (we don't recommend folks buying and using a high-speed rotary buffer) and achieve consistently outstanding results with the least amount of effort. Auto detailing products for enthusiasts developed by professional detailers through a culmination of years of sweat, trial & error, late night experimentation and research so that we can bring to you the most effective car detailing products that can be customized to your paint finish.

The DyNA Paint Reconditioning System is a three step process consisting of our step 1: DyNA Gloss Restorer™ compound/polish, step 2: DyNA Gloss Refiner™ fine polish/pre-cleaner and step 3: DyNA Brilliance™ high gloss sealant and car wax. The DyNA Paint Reconditioning system consists of new technology incorporating proprietary media (not the usual aluminum oxide or some form of crushed rock) used in the high tech industry designed to permanently remove (not just hide) swirl marks, spider webbing, surface scratches and scuffs off your paint. Designed to restore the optical clarity (remove haziness) and bring out that "wow" in your paint. The DyNA Brilliance™ high-gloss sealant will give your paint that incredible "wet look" and increased DOI (Distinction Of Image) of a show car with the durability for daily driving. It can be layered for increased depth or used under any other wax. It will be the easiest system of products you'll use and most important being safe for all painted surfaces.

Here is a summary of recommended steps to restore or maintain your car's paint:

  1. Washing- Use the DyNA Paintwork Shampoo™ with a natural sea sponge or the DyNA Sheepskin Wash Mitt on the paint and the DyNA Wheel Shampoo™ with the DyNA Wheel & Wheel Spoke Brush on the wheels. Read our article on Washing Your Car and Cleaning Your Wheels.

  2. Claying- Use the DyNA Paintwork Shampoo in your wash bucket as lubricant and the DyNA Purifying Clay bar the entire car (will take about 10-15 minutes but worth the effort as it will remove all contaminants/bugs... before your detailing process) and rewash the clayed panels. You're done with a panel when it feels smooth to the touch when you glide Saran wrap or a cigarette wrapper between your fingertips and the paint.

  3. Drying- Use the DyNA Superior Drying MicroWeave Towel by laying it flat on the wet surface and holding two corners with your hands and pulling it over the area to be dried. Continue over the entire car until finished and wring out the towel as it gets saturated. Use a regular cotton towel on your tires and wheels or a separate/dedicated MicroWeave for the wheels only (don't mix the towels used for the wheels with the ones for the paint). You can also use compressed air to aid in drying or a shop vacuum that blows filtered air. DO NOT use a gasoline blower since the two-stroke engines can leave a gas/oil residue on your paint.

  4. Dress your tires- with the DyNA Concours Tire Treatment to allow it to absorb while you are detailing the car and then add another coat after you finish detailing the whole car if necessary or if you desire a higher gloss finish. Spray it on the applicator to apply instead of spraying on the tire (prevents overspray and waste).

  5. Masking- Tape (use 3M masking tape or equivalent) up all plastic, rubber, emblems, logos, antenna mass base, etc… and remove anything that can EASILY be removed (i.e. license plates, Porsche headlights, emblems, bumperettes, etc…). This step will save you a lot of time in cleanup and touch up after your compound, polish and waxing steps. Note: if it cannot be removed easily, tape it. Also, once you get compound, polish or wax on some plastic and rubber parts, you may not be able to remove it completely.

  6. Step 1- DyNA Gloss Restorer™ with the Cyclo or an orbital polisher using the Yellow aggressive deoxidizing and buffing pads or the Orange Foam Compounding & Polishing Pad depending on the aggressiveness needed for paint correction. You may also do it by hand using our White Hand Pad and follow the directions on the bottle. This step can get dusty since it does not contain solvent based fillers/lubricants; you can mist a little water on the pads and it also allows you to work the polish longer. Use light to medium pressure when polishing with the Cyclo and repeat till desired results doing a 2x2 foot area at a time.

  7. Step 1.5- DyNA Gloss Restorer™ with the Green Medium Polishing Pads using light to medium pressure. When finished, use the Liquid Gloss spray with a MF or the DyNA Concours MicroTerry to wipe down the surface (removing the dusting and to prevent contaminating step 2).

  8. Step 2- Use the DyNA Gloss Refiner™ with the Green Medium Polishing pads using light pressure (on horizontal surfaces, the weight of the Cyclo is enough). On a black (or any other dark colored car), use the DyNA Ultimate Cleaner™ instead of the DyNA Gloss Refiner™ with the Cyclo and the Green Medium Polishing pads using light pressure on the entire car. You may also use the Black Hand Pads by hand. When finished, use the Liquid Gloss and a MF or Concours MicroTerry to wipe down the surface (removes any remaining dust and prevents contaminating step 3)

  9. Step 3- Apply the DyNA Brilliance™ High Gloss Sealant with the Cyclo and white pads with no pressure (weight of the Cyclo will do it). *Note! The Brilliance will cure quite fast which is part of its advantage in durability so you need to wipe it off as soon as you apply it. Apply in 3x3 foot sections and wipe off with the DyNA Concours MicroTerry before moving on the adjacent sections. You may also apply it by hand using a soft foam wax applicator but removal strategy is the same as with the machine.

  10. Remove the Sealant and buff in a straight back and forth motion with the DyNA Concours MicroTerry all-natural microfiber terry towel which was specifically designed to buff and pick up the dried/cured paint sealant without introducing any spider-webbing to the paintwork.

  11. Follow with the DyNA Liquid Gloss™ instant detailer spray for the added clarity. On every step, always buff and remove the product with a back and forth motion, never using a circular motion (i.e. The Karate Kid).

Good luck with your detailing projects and enjoy the results!